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Endowment-What? Why? How Much?

An endowment fund is a permanent fund established by the organization where donors can make a gift to it, knowing that their gift will be held in perpetuity. Only the annual earnings from the fund may be used to carry on the organization programs and facilities.


It is the permanency of this fund that makes it so valuable. Only through a growing endowment will your organization's friends know that the your organization's programs and services will be assured for generations to come. 


Basic Concepts

In order to be successful, we must understand a few basic concepts. Most gifts to endowments will be given out of accumulated assets from families rather than from disposable income (cash). 


Families will generally support endowments for those organizations that they have had a meaningful relationship with. In addition, those groups must be actively involved in providing them with the opportunity and assistance.


Campaign or Process

Many organizations attempt to approach endowment development with traditional fund raising techniques (campaigns) only to become frustrated. In most cases, they generally only realize relatively small amounts of cash. What they fail to realize is that most gifts come from accumulated assets (where the wealth of our society is). In order to realize substantial gifts from these sources we must deal with our supporters with a more mature approach. This is called the development process.


Significant gifts will come to our endowment when we help donors find ways of making planned gifts which help them achieve their own long range objectives! It is the selection of the right giving vehicle that makes the “big” difference.


Development Process

The process approach is primarily designed to appeal to the donors' interest first. In this approach, we do not need to market the organization (this is done when we are campaigning for annual or capital support).


We must let our friends know that there is now the opportunity to include our endowment fund in their future plans. 


The more we can become involved in helping families select an approach to giving, the more substantial will the gift be. 


Finally, we must implement an ongoing program designed to recognize and thank those families who have included us in their long-range plans. 

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