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Charles Nunn is the founder of Endowment Horizons Inc., founded in 1986. Endowment Horizons has provided Planned Giving and Endowment Development services for many charitable and religious organizations throughout the United States and Canada.  Charles has played a key role in assisting families in giving over $5 Billion to their favorite charitable and religious organizations.  Paramount to the approach of this program is Charles’ philosophy and experience used to develop the working relationship Endowment Horizons uses to work with an organization’s staff, volunteers and donors. 

Charles' knowledge and experience with charitable organizations has come through work as a staff member, a volunteer and a donor.  Charles served as a professional with Boy Scouts of America for over 20 years.  Charles has served as a Board member for a variety of organizations and as a volunteer for his church. Charles and his wife Sue contribute and have included their church and favorite organizations in their long range plans. 

Charles pursued the profession of Planned Giving and founded Endowment Horizons based on the principle of "meeting the needs of the donor first."   Charles currently enjoys the beach and working with a limited number of organizations.

Suzanne Nunn Suzanne serves as CEO and President of Endowment Horizons and pursued the profession of Planned Giving joining her husband, Charles.  Suzanne has been working with numerous charitable organizations throughout the United States and Canada for over 20 years.  Suzanne's knowledge and experience with charitable organizations has also come through work as a staff member, a volunteer and a donor. 

Suzanne enjoys the opportunity to implement a program based on the philosophy and approach of working with organizations to help them better prepare and educate their loyal supporters and help those loyal supporters develop a long range plan that has been planned with all considerations of the donor first.



Charlotte Finklea

Charlotte Finklea joined Endowment Horizons in 2017 and provides program services throughout the US. Charlotte has been instrumental in the development of major and planned gifts over the past 10 years as the Chief Development Officer for the Public Law Center, Girl Scouts and the Council on Aging. Charlotte has the skill to work with a diverse group of organizations.


Charlotte is knowledgeable in all aspects of the Endowment Horizons Asset and Legacy Giving Program, she has implemented this program as a staff member and a volunteer, her commitment to charitable organizations succeed in their planned giving program is commendable. Charlotte enjoys Southern California and life itself.  It is joy to have Charlotte a member of the Endowment Horizons team!



Ron Coulombe

Ron Coulombe joined Endowment Horizons Canada in 2012 as a Planned Giving Specialist and provides endowment development support to charitable organization in Canada. Ron has knowledge and experience with charitable organizations which includes over 30 years working as a staff member and a volunteer.  Ron served as a professional with the YMCA for over 20 years. Ron started the Edmonton YMCA Heritage Club in 1997 and over a 10 year period added 191 members He has helped charities secure over $15 million since July 2008. He is active with the Knights of Columbus and the Downtown Rotary Club.


Ron is married to Brenda and they are proud of their two grown children, Jonathan and Jenna. Ron enjoys cycling, walking and reading. He has been active in coaching and managing youth hockey, teaching fitness classes, and volunteering in community league and church activities.  We are pleased to have Ron on the Endowment Horizons team.

Susan Patena
Susan Patena
Susan Patena joined Endowment Horizons in 2018 and provides Asset and Legacy Giving Program services throughout the US. In addition to being a long-time patron and supporter of the high arts and community service organizations, Susan’s professional background includes over a decade of work in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. She was formerly Director of Advancement and Leadership Giving at Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra where she focused on securing major gifts and building the annual fund. Susan also ran the Los Angeles chapter of Back on My Feet, a non-profit that uses running to combat homelessness.   Susan has strong organizational skills and has played a major role in the development of several major gifts. Susan is extremely thoughtful, well-spoken and always very scrupulous about her work. All of these characteristics make Susan a welcome member of the Endowment Horizons team.
Susan currently lives Westlake Village, California with her husband Nate. In her free time, Susan enjoys training for marathons. She’s working towards a goal of running a marathon in all 50 states. 
Claudia Preza
Claudia Preza
Claudia Preza joined Endowment Horizons in 2018 and provides Asset and Legacy Giving Program services throughout the US. Claudia has over 15 years of dedication to a variety of charitable organizations. She is a very focused and driven professional and with a strong work ethic and passion for causes that meet human service needs. Claudia has a natural ability to relate to staff and donors, she is extremely donor-centered. She is always positive, helpful and willing to collaborate with colleagues. Claudia has many admirable qualities including her ability to lead collaborative efforts and to encourage team work. She is a genuine, charismatic individual with the heart of gold and we are pleased to welcome Claudia to the Endowment Horizons team.  Habla Español
Cathrine Yuill
Cathrine Yuill

Cathrine Yuill  joined Endowment Horizons Canada in 2013 and provides client services in Atlantic Canada. Cathrine joins Endowment Horizons with extensive experience in the charitable sector as an Executive Director and Chief Fund Development officer.  She has helped many families plan transformational gifts to the charities in their hearts.  Cathrine will be the first to tell you - its really all about authentic relationship building.                                                                       


Cathrine enjoys the rural lifestyle of Nova Scotia with her husband and two daughters.  Highly active in her community, Cathrine is involved in promoting the value of small rural schools, serves on her area Health Board, and is the President of the Nova Scotia Hospice Palliative Care Association. It is a joy to have Cathrine as an Endowment Horizons program specialist.




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