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Endowment Development

An Endowment Development program is about building relationships and helping donors accomplish their dreams and wishes.  Donors develop endowment gifts based on their desires, not necessarily because the organization needs the money.  They want their gift to reflect the things that are important to them, what made them who they are, and what they want to preserve for generations to come.


Patience is the key to a successful endowment / planned giving program.  When pressed for an immediate commitment there is generally little success or at most a small gift, and sometimes alienation.  


Many organizations miss out on receiving of significant planned gifts because they do not have patience and perseverance. Many times, they quit too early and this is why many organizations have not been successful in the development of endowment resources.  Those that work the plan, maintain discipline and continue to be patient have been successful.


How We Work With Organizations

There are four necessary components to develop a successful endowment development program.  These components are commitment to an endowment program, an endowment development program plan, discipline, and knowledge of planned gift vehicles.  Endowment Horizons provides leadership and direction for a successful endowment development program for those organizations with a commitment to endowment development.



Endowment development should be considered as important a board of directors' responsibility as the annual meeting of operational objectives.  We recommend a commitment of the organizations leadership to setting a significant five-year endowment goal of committed funds.



Endowment Horizons, Inc. has developed a plan that provides a process of education, involvement and recognition. This is a plan that will strengthen the board, provide increased current operating support, assist in funding special projects, and assure long range financial commitments to the investment portfolio.


Endowment Horizons, Inc. is prepared to assign a planned giving specialist to become a part time member of your team to work with staff, volunteers and your endowment prospects.



We at Endowment Horizons, Inc. recognize how easy it is for staff to put endowment development on the back burner.  There are so many current needs that produce immediate results.  Endowment development results are not realized immediately.  As we work with the organization, we schedule a specialist for a specific number of days during the year on a pre-scheduled basis to guide every aspect of the program.



Once the basic plan is in place, our time as a planned giving specialist is primarily devoted to working with your constituents to help them learn about the various gift planning vehicles that they might want to include in their planning process.   



This endowment development program is not a campaign for funds but a process whereby friends of your organization are encouraged to include the organization in their investment and estate planning in whatever method best suits their individual interest. It is the inclusion rather than the amount that counts. As we continue to strengthen our relationship with our donors, many will modify and increase the amount of their inclusion.

Success Or Failure

Over the past twenty years, Endowment Horizons, Inc. has had the pleasure of working with numerous organizations throughout the United States and Canada.  We have utilized a proven plan of action to develop significant giving to Endowment Funds.  Because of these efforts, we have had the pleasure of seeing families make plans to give well over $4.5 Billion to their favorite charities.As we work with organizations, we fully implement a process approach. This approach is not a solicitation, but is a program of planned gift development. There is a big difference and it equates to success or failure.

It is an approach which moves us from a $10,000 gift to a $1,000,000 gift or more! 

If an organizations to be successful in this effort, they will need a proven plan that works; a plan with discipline and the expertise to develop substantial planned gifts.  It will take more than just disseminating information about planned gifts and promoting a Recognition Club.  These are important, but not enough.

Perhaps we can be of assistance to you in providing a well disciplined approach to this program, along with providing skills to work with your potential donors.  If you would like more information about our services and how we can be of assistance, please contact us.

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