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The Legacy Partnership Program
How Endowment Horizons
Works With Community Foundations

Communities Building Bridges To The Future
Through Community Foundations


A.     What is it? The Legacy Partnership program is a program developed by Endowment Horizons Inc. in 2000. The program is designed to position the community foundation as the leader in helping local organizations build significant endowment funds.


It is anticipated that this program will cultivate, during the first five years of the program, over $50,000,000 of planned gifts for organization endowments to be managed by  the local Community Foundation.  This is based on the involvement for every 10 partner organizations. 


The Legacy Partnership program is funded through a partnership of funding by private foundations, local businesses, local organizations and the local community foundation. Local funders are able to help many organizations conduct development programs through one gift to the community foundation.


We currently have an active Legacy Partnership Program with several Community Foundations. Each program is designed for the specific community and the organizations.

B.     Advantages for the Community Foundation: Ultimately, this program makes it possible for many organizations to build endowments to be managed and invested through the community foundation. Depending on the magnitude of the organizations involved in the program, many millions of new dollars will be identified to ultimately come into endowments at the local community foundation.


C.    Advantages for the local organizations: As a result of the Legacy Partnership program, an agency, over a five year period, will be able to cultivate and develop 5-7 million dollars of future commitments for it’s endowment fund


D.    Advantages for the donors: Friends of local organizations will have the satisfaction of knowing that their favorite charities are conducting a professionally run planned giving program. This will help donors have more confidence in the organization.


E.     Advantages for the community: As a result of the Legacy Partnership program, the long-term future for many valuable non profit organization services in the community will be guaranteed.

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